Vinni Kiniki artist portfolio

Welcome to the weird and wonderful, talented and twisted, creative and crazy world of artist for hire; Vinni Kiniki. Use the words in the green selection bar at the top of the portfolio page above to filter through the art portfolio showcase. For example to display all the showcase art pieces about body painting clicking the body painting tab, to show the graffiti and mural art pieces click the word that says mural artist, or just scroll through the page to select a random image or photo that takes your fancy and you will be able to view the information for that story. There are also dedicated photo galleries to the other art i produce (see the menu on the left; spray can toy sculptures, black light and neon art, digital artwork….)

All art featured here has been created by artist Vinni Kiniki unless otherwise stated, there are times when i collaborate with other artists or indeed organisations to get the job done, i have a simple rule; let’s support eachother. In other words if i work with someone on a collaborative art project or an event or promoter hires me to do some live painting for them i will always include a link to them in the description of the given job (unless of course they choose to remain anonymous which i will respect, a lot of graffiti artists don’t want to be featured in photos or even credited by name…not surprising, being locked up for art crimes is not ideal).

There are also photographs of my art taken by other photographers featured on this website, in the case that i use another photographers work or feature a model, such as in my body and face painting portfolio, i will always credit the photographer and/or model and insert a web link to their personal web page (if they have one). If you spot somewhere on the site where i haven’t done so, please do give me a shout i will put it straight.

Lastly I love to get feedback about my art and in general hear from fans and other artists, please use this page to contact me. If you would like to hire me for painting at your live event or party or you would like to ask me about graffiti murals or any other kind of custom art please use the contact page, please tell me as much information as you can about your proposed art project and i will respond to you, usually within 48 hours.

Thank you for taking time and stopping by my artist website, please share and comment where you feel appropriate, you can use the social icons on the right side of the page to share and the social icons at the top to visit my social network profiles in order to follow / contact me there.

Vinni Kiniki 2014

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